• Jerry at state of the state

    Says Infrastructure Is Top Priority for 2015

    In his annual State of the State address in January, Governor Brown called on lawmakers and stakeholders to come together on solutions. Watch the video and read more. And read Speaker Atkins’ proposals.

  • commercial

    We Pay More for Car Repairs Than We Do in Gas Tax

    Big potholes are the result of deferred maintenance of our roads. It’s time to find new ways to catch up with that $59 billion backlog. Listen here.

  • Yes On BB

    Voters Agree to Improve Transportation

    In the wake of passage of Measure BB in Alameda County, several NorCal counties are considering similar ballot measures. Read more

  • Slider version of mountain chart

    More Transportation Demands, Fewer Dollars

    California has fallen over a Transportation Fiscal Cliff that has cut funding in half. Learn more.

A Prosperous Future for All Californians

The California Alliance for Jobs promotes responsible investment in public works projects necessary for modern living. Our members build the streets, highways, bridges, railways, sewers and parks. Smart infrastructure investments create jobs, help boost the economy and create a prosperous future for Californians.

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